All you need is love…

After spending a week in warm weather, I’m ready for spring! I know, winter has barely begun here in Chicago, but a girl can dream. So, I’m moving on to Valentine’s Day. Everyone seems to either love or hate this day- some refuse to celebrate because it’s just a “hallmark holiday.” That may be. But it is really such a bad idea to have a day that reminds us to say “I love you”? I don’t need a big fancy dinner (though I’m certainly not going to say no if someone wants to make me a meal!) or sparkly jewelry; just a “hey, you’re the tops in my world” & a little heartfelt something-something is fine with me. (side note: read a blurb somewhere where the woman tells her guy- if you love me you’ll yell it to the world. So he whispers it in her ear. She’s a bit disappointed until he responds “you are my world.” sniff.)

I know you’ve seen our recycled paper flowers before, but here’s a great Valentine’s idea… How about a custom bouquet created from “your song” or favorite romance novel?! Everlasting flowers with Beatles “All You Need is Love,” or a bouquet of Romeo & Juliet- simply fabulous! Just let us know your favorite, and we’ll have a custom order ready in time for the big day- much more romantic than drug store wilty flowers (more on the nasty conditions many are grown in later).

Daily Green Special: Purchase 10 recycled paper flowers and get two more for free! A dozen bouquet for the price of 10. Just write “love” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free flowers to your order. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Tuesday!


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