Freebie Friday…

Just off winter break and the kids have a four day weekend. Seriously?! I was just Julie McCoy for the past two weeks, my entertaining enthusiasm is gone. Not to mention I’m still catching up on all of the work that didn’t get finished during the last two weeks. So, they need a project. Now that they’re 9 & 10 they’ve caught on that cleaning the baseboards isn’t really a fun game. So, I’m turning it over to Calafant. Cala-what? Only the greatest recycled cardboard toys ever.

A.- they come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Not the sizes we remember as kids (remember when a small drink was like 6oz- not 20?)- but the jumbo versions today.

B.- they’re made of recycled cardboard, completely recyclable, and they can fold up flat if you want to store them or travel.

C.- small & medium come with non-toxic markers. Markers would dry out before coloring the large was complete, so paint is recommended; that generally means more clean-up for me so color pencils work perfectly fine.

D.- they keep the kids entertained for hours & they’re our weekend special!

 Small (circus wagon, house, carriage, camper, spaceship, police car, airplane, fire truck, and steamer ship available):

 Medium (mermaid cove, pirate ship, or dragonrock castle available):

 Large (tree house, doll house, robot available):

Daily Green Special: Purchase two Calafant recycled cardboard toys (little play spaces cafe not included) and receive a free one! Free item is equal value to the lowest purchased price cardboard toy. Offer valid until Monday’s post. Happy Friday!


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