Roses are red…

Since we essentially covered “violets are blue” yesterday, I thought today we could look at all things red!  Plus, we’ll add in a little coupon for fun too.  I don’t know that the snow, wind, and cold are really bringing out the romantic side in me, but Valentine’s day is right around the corner.  So, these great red finds might help us spark a fire in our hearts.

I love our little red Buddha beeswax candle. Not only does he just look peaceful, content, and zen- the smile cracks me up every time I look at him. Made from NY beeswax and colored with plant-based dyes.

These .5l Vapur bottles are fantastic. BPA free, made in the States, dishwasher safe, and freezable. Another great bonus? When it’s empty, fold it up & put it in your pocket until you find a spot to refill it!

Remember the flavored Lip Smackers from when we were kids? This berry Eco-lips balm reminds me of them- only without the nasty chemicals! A light berry flavor mixed with aloe to give you a sweet and protective pick-me-up. SPF helps protect lips from sun damage (yes, even on cloudy days) and the aloe helps heal and soothe any dryness.

Red beeswax votive candle is perfect for setting the mood for a relaxing bath. They’ll burn long enough for rejuvenating, but not so long that you end up shriveled & “pruney”.

Daily Green Special: Oooh, it’s a rare one day coupon! Spend $25 (or more!) on our red products (those listed plus other favorites on the site) and save $4.00. Use the coupon code RED4 to save the $4.00. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Tuesday!


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