Light my fire…

I grew up living in a condo. While it certainly had its advantages (long hallways to cartwheel down, someone else shoveled the snow), it definitely created a couple prerequisites for my home as an adult. My grown-up home needed two things: stairs and a fireplace. While I would love to have a fire burning every night of the year, I really enjoy cozying up in front of it on cold winter nights. No doubt I’d likely die if ever dropped into “Survivor” and needed to make fire from nothing, at home I can build a pretty decent (if I say so myself) fire. During the daytime though, I light candles. I have different ones for each room: kitchen- Happiness, family room- Clove, I even keep a favorite champagne/Chambord as a special incentive while cleaning the bathrooms.
Since most people save candles for special occasions (isn’t it unlucky to have unlit candles out for decoration?), why not make every day a special occasion. Even lit for an hour or two helps elicit a peaceful & “live with intent” energy. Try it! Which candles do you prefer and where? Just never leave them unattended!

Daily Green Special: Today only, all candles are 20% off! No special code needed, but the sale is only valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Tuesday!


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