For Adrian…

Yesterday, I was fortuanate to fly to Minneapolis and spend the day with a childhood friend. She’s one of those friends whom I don’t talk to often, but we can pick right up where we left off. She, and her family, were my surrogate family many summers at gymnastics camp. She was also there the summer my dad died; those friends forever hold a special place in my heart. Yesterday was my turn to support her, her 10 year old son has cancer.
There are too many miles between us to drop by with meals or spontaneously help with her other kids, but what she really needed was some girl time. So we took a day to laugh, eat sushi, walk, and laugh some more. Hopefully she found it therapeutic because it was really fun!
A couple of months ago I sent them a hospital care package full of goodies- one of his favorites was the Vapur water bottle. It’s easy for him to drink from & keep track of his daily intake. Since today is our $10 Thursday, in honor of Adrian, our feature is our Vapur two-packs. There are two .4l bottles in the pack: two for you, or maybe donate the extra bottle to your local children’s hospital. I believe in the power of positive thought, maybe we could also send some universal healing energy their way.

Daily Green Special: For today only, our Vapur 2-packs are $10, no coupon necessary. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Thursday!


3 responses to “For Adrian…

  1. Lori DiGiovanni

    What a beautifully written post. I hope you had a wonderful visit and some great girl time with your friend and her son.

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