Forget the groundhog

I know Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this year, but I’m done with winter. I’m beyond ready to shed the hats and coats and get back into sandals. Agree? It’s not quite living in the moment, but when my “in the moment” entails waking up to snow and slush, somedays I need a different reality.
So, I’m looking slightly ahead to some of my favorite (early) spring items. We change our clocks ahead in just a couple weeks, it isn’t too early to think warm!

Celtic Ring: a gorgeous find to celebrate the luck of the Irish in you! One of our unique Silver Spoon rings made from antique spoons. Adjustable, so it makes a great gift since one size fits all. Not Irish? Check out our new Petite Fleur Ring.

Ginger-lime Organic Soap: another organic beauty from Blissful Botanica. Hand-crafted in Colorado, not only does this soap look beautiful, it leaves the skin nourished and smooth. The scent transports me to sitting on my patio with a margarita!

Belt Buckle Bracelet: if you haven’t seen our new line of Ella E jewelry, it’s stunning. If you like cuff bracelets, you’ll love these one on a kind cuffs created with a recycled belt. Crafted in Illinois with an unique vintage 1940’s stone and Ella E.’s signature oxidized metal. The complete stone and metal piece is carefully hand sewn, for comfort, and no two bracelets are exactly alike. Two snaps are added for sizing. Can’t wait to sport this on my weekend Austin trip with a kicky dress & boots!

Vapur Element: just in case you missed yesterday’s post, Vapur has introduced a big brother, the one liter Element. Perfect for long trecks in the forest preserve, picnics, or keeping your inner athlete hydrated. Pre-order now, delivery beginning of March.

Yummy Card Set: I’m ready to start my garden, though the cold ground isnt quite cooperating. To bring a little spring to others, each of these six cards contains organic seeds and a recipe: Basil (pesto), Parsley (tabouleh), Chive (chive mashed potatoes), Dill (dilled salmon), Sage (sage and lemon cookies) and Mint (minted green tea). Basil please!

(Not just for)Produce Bags: Available in a large mesh sack, or a medium size sack, both are made of organic cotton. Bring on the farmer’s market! For the crafty folks, the medium sacks are fun to personalize as a weekend activity, or party favor.

Daily Green Special: I figure if enough of us share the enthusiasm for warmer days, Spring will come faster! Purchase any of the above items and receive a free Eco-Lips SPF lip balm. Just write “spring” in the check-out notes and we’ll add the free balm to your order. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Tuesday!


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