To celebrate Oscar…

Despite the fact that I hadn’t seen any of the nominated movies, I still enjoyed watching the Academy Awards. While I wasn’t glued to the set, and did miss several awards, the evening’s Cirque du Soleil performance was spectacular. I also couldn’t help but notice that The Artist took home several Oscars of their own. Since I never saw the film, I figure we could celebrate our own “French Artist” with the Little Play Spaces French Cafe.
Created by crafty Texan mom, Kate Fagelman, this playspace will entertain kids “toute le monde.” Inspired by her daughter’s love for Fancy Nancy, this cafe is ideal for budding chefs, artists, classic tea parties, or those looking for a quiet cafe to cozy up with a book. The Little Play Spaces French Cafe is made in Texas and crafted from recycled cardboard and is completely recyclable. “Fifi” and a bicycle wait outside, Le Menu chalkboard is ready for the daily special, and there’s even a sliding open/closed sign. Easy to assemble and fold for storage (read: great for a grandparent’s home too!), this play house is ready for business!
Note: the cafe will ship separately from other items and currently ships only within the US.

Daily Green Special: To celebrate our French Artist, the Little Play Spaces French Cafe is on sale today only. Don’t miss this incredible deal because it’s only here for today! Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Monday.


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