Leap year $10 coupon!

Even though my birthday isn’t today, nor do I know anyone whose birthday falls on February 29th, it’s still a great day to celebrate. What’s not to love about something that only happens every four years (just wait until we get closer to the summer Olympics!). This is my last Leap Year I’ll see in my 40’s; by the next Leap Year my daughter will be in high school & my son almost out of junior high. That’s an awful lot of scary happening within the next four years. Yet, four years ago Favor the Earth wasn’t here yet, and neither of my kids were in school full-time.

Life throws some crazy curves sometimes, who knows what the next four years will bring. So, celebrate today and all of the experiences and memories you’ve created these past four years. What was the most remarkable thing that happened to you since the last Leap Year?

Daily Green Special: enjoy this unique day with a great deal… Save $10 off any (min) $29 purchase! Use the coupon code LEAP. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Leap Day!


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