$10 panda pack!

Happy March 1st and happy $10 Thursday! Hopefully you enjoyed your extra day this year. The near fifty degree weather yesterday definitely put me in the mood for Spring. Since Spring break is coming up for many schools, today’s deal is perfect for those planning a getaway: whether it’s just around town or out-of-state. Our Eco-Gear Panda backpack. It’s the perfect daypack for all ages.

Though these packs make a great school bag for little ones, they’re great for all ages when traveling. Kids can fill it with our Bynto (everyone needs snacks!), books, projects (Calafant recycled cardboard toys are a project & toy in one!), music, and a deck of cards. I’m all for “you brought it, you carry it!”
Once you’re at your destination, it’s a great daypack for kids and adults. I’d rather not carry my purse during activity days, so the Panda bag is the right size for necessities and a few extras along the way; but, small enough that it doesn’t become a dumping ground for everyone else’s stuff. Going to the beach or pool? Fill it with beach toys, don’t worry if it gets sandy, it’s machine washable.

What’s the green scoop on this great backpack? It’s made with natural cotton, non-toxic dyes, and is PVC free! Available in pink, blue, or green.
Daily Green Special: Today’s $10 deal is valid until tomorrow’s post. No coupon is needed. Happy Thursday!


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