Smart basket ideas!

Many schools have adopted the “no treats” policy. Not that the kids aren’t allowed snacks, but no food/candy is allowed in classroom parties. While it saves the last-minute stress of “oh yeah, I need 32 cupcakes for tomorrow,” it doesn’t eliminate the process of finding items the kids can actually use and aren’t plain garbage. After cleaning out a couple of drawers this weekend, I realized we’ll never have to buy another pencil. So, if you’re looking for unique (and green) options for spring parties or non-snack Easter basket fillers, here are a few great ideas.

Recycled eraser sticks: One of the few school supplies that kids of all ages respond “oh, cool!”. It looks just like a color pencil, but it’s actually a recycled eraser. You even sharpen it just like a pencil. And, as you sharpen, it changes colors.

Staple-free stapler– It’s a complete pain to remove staples before items are shredded or recycled. Eliminate that step with our staple-free stapler. Connect 5-6 sheets of paper with a unique folding technique that holds documents together securely without the use of metal bits. Available in assorted colors.

Highlighter pencil sticks: While I love our (gluten-free) regular highlighters, these highlighter sticks are especially great for students and chefs. The sharper point makes them line specific so it’s easier to highlight small print text or cookbooks. Also, since there is no ink, it won’t bleed through onto other pages. 4 colors in each pack.

Banana paper notepads: These mini-notepads are filled with 20 sheets of unlined banana paper. Available in rain forest theme or our new recycled sports trading cards.


Faber Castell JUMBO TRIANGLE EcoPencils: 12 color pencils shaped perfectly for little hands. Each pencil is decorated with adorable color corresponding animals! Even better, this package comes with its own sharpener! Faber-Castell pencils are FSC-certified: a warranty that the wood used is obtained from renewable and sustainable sources, contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Daily Green Special:  Spend $10 in green school supplies and receive a free Giant Eco-Eraser “For Big Misteaks“.  Just write “smarts” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free eraser to your order.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Tuesday!


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