Spring crafts abound…

Something about the springtime air makes me want to make stuff!  I’m by no means the DIY queen like the guru Karen at “the art of doing stuff,” but I still get satisfaction out of simple crafts that don’t take too long to complete.  I have to admit, though, my skill level is on par with that of my kids. So, these 5 ideas are right up our alley. Not only can most of these projects be completed in a couple of hours, they’re all good for the earth too!

Made-by-me kits: made from sustainable Vermont wood, these kits are not only fun to assemble but provide more entertainment when decorating and racing! Available in five different kits: truck, train, bug, race car, and boat.

Calafant recycled cardboard toys: a great craft and toy in one! Available in three different sizes, these sets inspire imaginitive play whether kids are crafting mermaid coves, fire trucks, or giant robots. 15 different models!


Green pieces puzzles: ok, these are going to take longer than a couple of hours! I love jigsaw puzzles, and for 500 pieces, these are really hard. How do they fit into crafts? Each piece is embedded with wildflower seeds, so when you’re finished, plant the pieces & grow your own wildflower garden (works for indoor pots too!). You could even get really crafty & have everyone who helped finish the puzzle decorate a pot and each take home some pieces! Three designs available: tiger, panda, or fish.


Plantable notepads: I love these notebooks! Use the pages for to-do lists, dreams, fears, craft ideas, or even as a gratitude journal. Once the pages are filled, plant the notebook to grow wildflowers! Sort of gives new meaning to watching your ideas grow!


The whole kit & kaboodle! Looking for more of our favorites bundled in one? Try the kids busy bag. This fabulous crafty set includes a Bynto lunchbox, recycled cardboard small Calafant kit (markers included), Let’s Go Green activity book, Made by Me Kit, 24 pack Alpino earth-friendly color pencils, Organic Fleur de Sel Caramel Popcorn (small pouch), and an organic cotton mesh bag with drawstring to hold all of the items!


Daily Green Special: Spend $10 on green crafts and we’ll add a free 24-pack of Alpino earth-friendly color pencils to your order! Just write “crafty” in the checkout notes and we’ll add it to your order. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Wednesday!


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