Daylight savings sale!

This morning I heard birds chirping. Now, to those of you who live in perpetually beautiful weather, this may not seem like a big deal. To the rest of us, it’s a sign that we’ll be shedding at least one extra layer of clothes soon. And, even better, it’s daylight savings weekend. I seem to be in the minority of those who enjoy setting the clocks ahead. Sure, that means losing an hour of (much-needed) sleep, but it also means it stays lighter later. I love the long evenings when it’s still light at 8. The kids can actually release their excess energy outside for hours after school, rather than in the house.

So, in honor of moving one step closer to Spring, we’re having our annual Daylight Savings Sale! You may have noticed our new SALE page, some of these items are up to 50% off (click on the item to see the sale price). This is your last chance to stock up on some winter favorites: hats, mitts, Peppermint-mocha soap to name a few. There are even a few treats that make great Easter basket fillers!

Daily Green Special: Even though there’s one less hour this weekend, our dedicated SALE page will save you time finding bargains! Stock-up on our winter sale items (in-stock items, while supplies last)and we’ll add a free banana paper notepad to your order. Just write “chirp”. In the checkout notes. Offer valid until Monday’s post. Happy weekend!


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