11 Green Easter basket goodies- that aren’t candy!

What a weekend! Warm weather, sunshine, and the higher temperatures are scheduled to continue all week. I’ll take it! Though, I know living in Chicago it will likely snow again between now and Easter. So, instead of waiting until the last minute (as I swear I won’t do every year), I’m gathering Easter basket goodies while the springtime temps are here. Apparently most stores want us to believe that Easter is the new Halloween and the baskets should be full of sugar-coma inducing candies. While I do slightly overindulge this one day on black jellybeans, I prefer a few non-candy fillers (side note to trader joes- stop putting your name on all of your “healthier” candy treats- I can’t convince the kids that the bunny shops at trader joes like mom.)
. .
So, here are 11 non-sugar filled basket goodies…
1- Eco-lips lip balm: kiwi-strawberry, coconut, & grape are yummy enough just on your lips- SPF varieties available too (sport, mint, and berry). Gluten-free
2- Sustainable wood wands: made in Vermont from local sustainable wood, these wands are available plain to decorate yourself or in non-toxic painted pink, purple, or yellow.
3- Mini SpaRitual nail polishthese adorable recycled bottles are available in every color of the rainbow and are tiny enough to tuck inside an egg! Vegan.
4- Sports notepads: vintage trading cards create the front and back covers of these notepads filled with 20 pages of banana paper. Baseball, hockey, and basketball available.
5- Recycled eraser sticks: looks like a pencil, sharpens like a pencil, but its a recycled eraser!
6- Sustainable wood yoyoa cool retro toy made from sustainable local Vermont wood!
7- Recycle stick crayonsunique blends of recycled crayons reformed into a RECYCLE stick-made by Crazy Crayons (an organization helping developmental disabled individuals earn a living through crafts) Heart shape also available.
8- Limited edition sticker setif your child already has a Goodbyn or Bynto lunchbox, these limited edition artistic stickers let them re-create their box!
9- Coccoina glue stickEveryone loves a new glue stick, especially a non-toxic one that smells like almonds!
10- let’s go green activity bookFun filled pages of puzzles, games, words finds, and more. All printed on recycled paper with soy ink.
11- Made by me kitsMaple Landmarks’s award winning sustainable wood kits. Kids can assemble, decorate, and race- just like grandpa used to! Available in truck, train, bug, boat, and race car.

Daily Green Special: with any purchase today, write “spring” in the customer checkout notes and we’ll add one of our new (not even on the site yet!) 1.4oz Endangered Species Chocolate bars to your order! Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Monday!


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