Are these in your “emergency kit?”

I’ve been noticing more ads and articles lately that focus on weddings. Even This weekend the Chicago Tribune had a huge pull-out section focusing on bridal hairstyles and finding the right gown. What I liked, though, was the “emergency kit” spotlight. Aside from the obvious tissues and bandages, the suggestions were pretty good for creating your kit, wedding or not. If you’re like me and keep a stash of necessities in your purse, desk drawer, and car, see if your “emergency kit” contains these items wedding planner to the stars, Mindy Weiss, says are essential.

1- emery board: Yep! Biodegradable SpaRitual zebra nail file smooths those snags and unexpected chips. I keeps a cup in the car door pocket handy with pens and my much used file!

2- clear nail polish: sure thing. Our SpaRitual vegan Multitasker is a clear base & top coat in one. Not to mention its versatility; we know it can stop a hose/tights run, oddest thing I recently used it for- letting my daughter use it for a “glossy finish” for her school art project!

3- lip balm: of course those lips need to be kissable! If you don’t want to kiss with gross chemicals, Eco-Lip lip balms are 100% edible (not that we recommend it for a snack!) and available in delicious flavors such as coconut, berry, and mint. Trying to heal parched lips first? Try Eco-lips medicinal balm.

4- hand lotion: I’m still working on them to create travel size option too, but Green Envee lotions will keep your hands moisturized all day. As an added bonus, it helps static flayaway hairs in place!

5- polish remover– you guessed it, SpaRitual vegan Fluent conditioning remover will solve your polish or ink pen mishaps, all with a hint of Italian Red Mandarin.

6- chocolate– ok, Ms.Weiss didn’t have it on her list, but seriously, what “emergency kit” is complete without chocolate? Our Endangered Species chocolate squares are the perfect size anytime. Available in milk, dark, dark with mint, or dark with cranberries & almonds.

Daily Green Special: purchase any of our “emergency kit” items and we’ll add a box of Wee Glee gum to your order (how did gum not make her list either?!). Just write “SOS” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the gum to your order. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Tuesday!


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