Bite-size pieces…

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. You know those weeks where there’s overdue email responses, piles of paperwork, not to mention field trip forms to sign, laundry, housecleaning, yard work…simply not enough hours in the day. I kept looking at my to-do lists thinking “I’m never going to get it all done”. And most days I didn’t. But the world didn’t collapse. Like most people, I don’t have an entire day to solely focus on one project. Maybe I just have too many projects.

So, I’ve decided to adopt my daughter’s philosophy: break everything into bite-size pieces. We’ve done it all along with school projects, but I never really applied it to my lists. I told her one time that she had a week to clear her bulging bookshelves of unnecessary items or I would get rid of it myself (like I needed another project!). Every night she nonchalantly worked on one shelf and before I knew it, the bookshelf looked gorgeous & organized (I’ve tried to pay her to do our pantries too!).

Though yesterday was an amazing 75 degree day, I couldn’t spend all day outside doing yard work, but I did have 30 minutes. I didn’t get far, but one little corner looks beautiful (sort-of); I can see little purple flowers (already!) and something else growing and that little corner makes me happy. And like I accomplished something. Maybe this weekend I’ll make it a bit further.

  (not fabulous yet, but it will be, just wait!) 

So, for this weekend try to avoid getting wrapped up in completing the never-ending “to-do” list, or try adding enjoy morning coffee and Sunday paper outside (or in bed) to your list! Even if that’s the only item that gets crossed off, I’d call it a successful day.

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