Spring break (green) necessities…

Spring break time is here already! Who’s heading on vacation? I have to say, this March weather has felt like vacation already. Whether you’re heading out of town, or enjoying the sun in your own backyard, you’ll need these eco sun protectors.

Eco-Lips Facestick: this should seriously be called genius-stick. It looks like a giant Chapstick, but it’s sun protection for your lips, nose, and face. No need to worry about sunscreen spilling in your bag (or not passing airline carry-on requirements), and my kids definitely complain less about putting sunscreen on their face. Perfect for your pocket, beach bag, purse, backpack, or car- now there’s no reason to forget protecting your skin. Gluten-free too! On sale

Eco-Lips Classic SPF lip balm– I think you already know how important SPF is, especially for tender lips. A soothing combination of organic sunflower seed oil, organic beeswax, organic jojoba seed oil, vitamin E and aloe leaf extract protect your lips under the harshest conditions. SPF15. Available in mint, berry, or sport (vanilla). On sale

Catch-All Bag– a durable necessities bag to transition from carry on, to purse, to beach bag. Use it to hold essentials (wallet, phone, classic SPF, and Facestick), then everything is together for quick bag changes. Don’t waste precious vacation time digging through your purse to find lip balm! Available in 4 color combinations.

Vapur water bottle: is there anything I haven’t said about how cool these bottles are? In case you missed it, they’re BPA free, made in the US, dishwasher safe (!), freezer safe, and roll up nice and compact when empty. Available in .4L (two-pack), .5L, or our new 1L Element.

Daily Green Special: Purchase our four “spring break” necessities and receive a free bar of Blissful Botanica organic soap. It’s fabulous scent will keep your vacation going long after the suitcases are unpacked. Offer valid until Monday’s post. Happy weekend!


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