Allergens messing with your skin?

Here we are again, $10 Thursday! Across the nation, everyone has been enjoying the gorgeous Spring. The downside, however, is the early onset of allergies for too many people. While most people are attuned to seasonal allergens, understanding allergens in skin care products.

We expect our soaps to clean and nourish our skin, not create problems. If you’re experiencing dry, itchy skin, check if your soap contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. SLS is what give many products their sudsy foam, but it also strips skin of its protective oily barrier. Fragrance is another culprit. This non-descript ingredient could be one (or a combination) of hundreds of chemicals or artificial scents.  Because companies are required to list which ingredients they’re using, it’s difficult to pinpoint which chemical is causing the allergy. The media has definitely brought awareness to the dangers of parabens (and their many pseudonyms), yet they continue to appear on numerous labels where this likely carcinogen doesn’t belong.

In case you missed our post on Jan. 5, 2012 “Toxic chemicals in your kid’s body wash?” we talked about Johnson & Johnson baby wash. According to WGN news ” Johnson & Johnson admits to using “probable human carcinogens” and known “skin allergens” in the U.S formula for its iconic No More Tears baby wash.  The company issued a statement on its website saying the chemicals are present in their products.” Which chemicals? 1,4-dioxane, considered a likely carcinogen, quaternium-15: a chemical that releases formaldehyde (remember that carcinogen from our toxic nail polish post?), and fragrance (a blanket term that can often include over 100 chemicals including phthalates).

So, what’s the safer choice? Green Envee Egyptian Calendula and Lavender Children’s Body Wash & Shampoo. Recognized as one of Safe Cosmetics Organization’s “Best of the Best,” Green Envee is committed to the earth and your well-being.  No parabens, SLS, or fake “fragrance. Though listed as a “children’s wash,” its lavender and chamomile pure essential oils make it the right choice for skin of all ages. French Lavender essential oil is known for its soothing and calming properties. This moisturizing wash is great for body and hair.

Daily Green Special: Try this incredible Green Envee Egyptian Calendula and Lavender Children’s Body Wash & Shampoo for only $10 today. Your skin will thank you! No coupon necessary, but this deal is only valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Thursday!


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