Earth Day 2012

April 22nd marks the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day!   Events are popping up all over the country in celebration: farmer’s markets, music concerts, and educational events.   It’s also a great opportunity for a backyard BBQ, with friends bringing their favorite sustainable dish (or the amazing basil-jack from the cheese-guy at my local farmer’s market!) and the kids creating earth-friendly masterpieces.

Have the grown-ups teach a few yo-yo tricks. Our limoncello soy candle works as a natural citronella or try our Blissful Botanic natural bugs spray to keep those early mosquitos away. Hang recycled paper flower balls from tree limbs; use balls created from maps & let guests compete to see if they know where on earth the map is from. Make centerpieces from garden flowers arranged in our recycled vases, decorated with non-toxic paint & recycled paper.  The kids will stay busy for hours decorating and building our huge Calafant recycled cardboard toys- add unique colors with our swirledRECYCLE stick crayons.  Send guests home with a delicious bar of Endangered Species Organic Chocolate!

Daily Green Special:  Purchase $30 in fabulous Earth Day celebration items and receive a free bag of 479 Organic Popcorn.  Just write “earth day” in the checkout notes & we’ll add the free popcorn to your order.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Tuesday!


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