Drawing a blank…

Today is the last day of our spring break.  I don’t feel like we were any less busy, but it was more relaxed  fun! Thankfully, the kids are at hockey/skate camp all day so I can try to bring some semblance back to my home.  Other than about 50 loads of laundry, I don’t think any of our spring break “projects” were completed.  Today is all about lists.  I have seven hours to complete four different pages of “to-dos”  Of course I always think this is a possible feat and am amazed when it doesn’t happen.  Why can’t I declutter each cabinet, clean my bathroom, mop all of the floors, and make my house resemble my pinterest boards in one afternoon?

When it came to today’s post, I drew a blank.  Lots of new items coming Monday (and in our next email- are you on our list?).  Feeling a bit blah; it looks gorgeous outside, but the wind is really really cold.  I just want to get back in pjs, snuggle under the covers, and create more lists: books to read, weekend projects to craft, recipes to try (did I mention I’m a little hooked on Pinterest?).  Finally a spark!  Drawing a blank…writing more lists…our Notebooks!

For this weekend our banana paper journals and plantable notepads are buy 2 get 1 free!

Daily Green Special: Purchase any 2 banana paper journals or plantable notepads and receive a 3rd for free! Offer valid until Monday’s post. Happy Weekend!


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