Thursday’s bag…

It’s Thursday, so you know what that means, Blackhawks playoff series begins!  Tonight our boys show the Coyotes how to play some hockey. Oh yeah, it’s $10 Thursday too!   I’m hoping to be lucky enough to make it to a game when they’re back in Chicago, but if I do, I really don’t want to take a purse.  Such dilemmas! I need my phone, id, wallet, and lip balm, but I don’t want to set a purse down on the beer soaked floor.  And, really, my clutches don’t seem to match my jersey (note to Hawks organization: could you please make a Shaw jersey, thank you).

What to do, what to do.  Oh yeah, I have a solution!  Our Catch-All Bag.  It’s durable, machine washable (in case a drink accidently spills in excitement as Sharp & Shaw score!), has a wrist strap, and is the perfect size to hold all of your necessities.

The greatest thing about this bag is that it’s so much more than a sport’s night purse: it’s like stealing your boyfriend’s cozy shirt, it goes everywhere.  Most days I keep my catch-all bag in my regular purse holding necesseties (snacks), or however you define necessity!

Made in Canada (by hand!) from recycled hockey gear, it’s even tough enough for any fella too. Great to throw in a gym or travel bag with their own “necessities!”  Various colors in stock, don’t see your team’s colors?  We’ll customize a bag just for you!

Daily Green Special:  The Catch-All Bag is our $10 deal today!  No coupon necessary.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Thursday!


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