Green your baseball season…

Baseball season is here. If you’re one of the many families who spend countless hours at the fields, I feel for you, some of those games are REALLY LOONNNNGGGG. It’s one thing to be there cheering on your team, it’s an entirely different event when entertaining siblings is included too.  Since it’s hard enough getting to the field on time some days, having a designated bag ready to go helps retain much-needed sanity and your wallet. Going to a game or tournament unprepared means overpaying for junk food at the concession stands and last-minute trinkets. Here are 11 ways to green your baseball season.

1- Vapur Water Bottles: Hydration is key at these long games: for players and spectators. Heading out for a long tournament? Freeze your Vapurs, use as cooler ice packs, then drink as water bottles when they defrost. All sizes (.4L, .5L, 1L) all have a carabiner clip so they attach easily to chain link dugout fences.

2- Eco-Lips Facestick: While spectators may be protected under giant umbrellas and tents, players need sun protection too. This face, nose, and lips SPF 30 stick goes on like a lip balm without the greasy feeling kids hate.

3- 479 Organic Popcorn– What’s a baseball game without popcorn? Here’s a great (and healthier) twist to the old Cracker Jacks:  Chipotle Caramel & Almond Popcorn!!   Organic & gluten-free.  Available in 5 varieties.

4- Go Green Activity Book– It’s great when the fields have a playground for siblings’ entertainment, but we aren’t always that lucky.  These activity books will keep them occupied for several innings with different games, puzzles, and pictures.  4 different books available.

5- Organic Mesh Bag: This all-purpose bag is great for containing toys, snacks, or a dirty uniform after the game!

6- Bynto Lunchbox:  Avoid concession stand junk food, pack your own healthful fruits & sandwiches in the Bynto lunchbox.  Bring along the included stickers and siblings will pass a few innings decorating their Bynto!

7.  Natural Bug Spray: Early evening games are great, except for the mosquitos. Kids and fans need to protect themselves from bites, but not with toxic chemicals. Blissful Botanica Bug Spray uses cool essential oils like lemon eucalyptus & catnip (yep! Iowa research study shows that catnip oil is 10X more effective than DEET).

8- Assorted Organic Chocolate Bars: Double header? I definitely need a chocolate fix. This assortment of organic Endangered Species chocolate bars will satisfy any chocolate craving: milk, dark, dark with orange, dark with cherry, milk chocolate with peanut butter.  Yes, please!

9- Arena Bag:  So now that you have all of your gear ready, you need a bag big enough to carry it all.  The Arena Bag is it!  Handmade, durable, and reversible.  What more could you ask for?!  The inside is lined with a hockey jersey (or customize with a baseball jersey) creating pockets to hold bug spray, activity books, you name it.  A handy clip keeps car keys from getting lost.  Keep the bag stocked and you’re ready to run out the door and get to the field on time!

10- Vintage Sports notepads: There’s tons of debate on post-game snacks. While it’d be great if everyone brought fruit & water, too often it’s a frenzy of chemical laden “treats.” Try something new & bring the kids banana paper notepads. Front & back covers are made from vintage trading cards. They’ll have so much fun reading about the players, they won’t even miss the junk food.

11- Thrift store tablecloth: ok, we don’t sell these, but they’re easy to pick up at your local goodwill. Find the largest tablecloth available & reuse it throughout the season for sibling space: a designated area for snacks, crafts, forts, and games. Bonus- it’s machine washable.

Daily Green Special:  Spend $40 on our green baseball gear and receive a free medium set of Goodbyn non-toxic ice packs.  Just write “baseball” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the ice packs to your order.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Monday!


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