Lessons learned…

Last night I went to the Blackhawks game; it was my first game in 23 years!  Let me preface that I’m not a play-off bandwagon fan (those of you are, jump aboard, who couldn’t use more people cheering for them?), I just never make it to the stadium.  That will change.  If you follow hockey at all, I’m sure you’ve seen, or heard about, the images regarding the hit on Hossa.  Say what you will about the roughness of the sport, it was a dirty hit, and it was a bit scary watching the scene unfold afterwards.  Aside from that play, there seemed to be several major penalties missed (I swear…this won’t be a soap box post…keep going!). But, it is definitely a game I wish my kids were at (thanks grandma & papa for the night out!), because there were certainly a few good lessons to learn.

1- Life isn’t always fair.  There will be those days that judgement calls go the other way.  The times where the right decision is overlooked.  But you do your job because that’s what is right, and that’s what separates your character from theirs.

2. Believe in Yourself.  While a few nights ago the Coyotes goalie may have been an Arizona superstar, last night 20,000 Chicago fans had a different opinion.  I’m not saying name calling is right, but even adults aren’t exempt. But, he showed up and did his job, despite the words thrown at him.

3. Move On. The fast pace of hockey doesn’t allow time to dwell on mistakes. You just move on. We can’t live in the past and should’ve, would’ve, could’ves don’t change anything. You learn and move forward.

4. What comes around, goes around.  That’s been a life lesson since I was a kid.  Sometimes it takes awhile, but karma eventually shows up.

So, where does all of that leave us for our Daily Green? I don’t know! I do know that I need another cup of coffee, it was a really late night.  Thoughts on the game?

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