Earth Day Weekend!

As you’re probably aware, Earth Day is on Sunday. If you’re looking for informative ways to make this Earth a better place, there will be no shortage of demonstrations this weekend: from composting to reducing your carbon footprint to creating electricity with a bicycle. Some conservation ideas are ingenious, but not always practical. The 100 mile diet (eating foods that only travel within 100 miles of your home) would be fabulous, but Chicago doesn’t quite offer year round fresh fruits and veggies.

More than trying to figure out how to adopt every green tip into your home, I think it’s important to find what works for you and your family’s lifestyle. Just starting out on a green path? Start small: reusable water bottles, bringing your own bag, or venturing to your local farmer’s market.

My favorite tip to help connect us to this Earth is to get out in it. Visit a forest preserve in a different town to see new wildlife (though I’m still amazed everyday watching the cranes & egrets in the pond outside my window), pick up a fruit or vegetable you’ve never tried and let the farmer teach you a great recipe, let the kids help you plant a garden. And, when the opportunity arises to travel, take it. What better way to connect us to the earth than to meet the locals, share a glass of wine, and enjoy a corner of someone else’s world.

What are your plans for this Earth Day weekend? What’s your favorite tip for preserving our planet?

Daily Green Special: Whether you’re buying your first reusable water bottle or you’ve been green for years, here’s a little extra “green” for this Earth Day. Use the coupon code OUREARTH to save $6 off your $25 purchase. Offer valid until Monday’s post. Happy Friday.


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  1. Love, love, love your company an your posts. I’m a customer forever!!

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