5 ways to green your daily routine…

The Austin Snack Bar is right, it’s not always easy being green.  But, Austin sure makes it seem simple: endless walking trails, organic restaurants, and countless small businesses with eco-products.  Rumor has it that soon Austin stores will be banned from handing out bags for purchases.  All the more reason to bring your own wherever you go!

While it was great soaking up the green life in Austin, I’m back home in my not so green corner of the earth.  I live in a town where it’s impossible for me to bike 3 miles to our “downtown” with the kids; sorry, a 2 foot “bike lane” on a 45 mph street doesn’t scream pedestrian friendly, or safe, for myself or kids.  So, how can you make your life more eco-friendly even if your city isn’t as green as Austin?  Here are 5 simple ways…

  1. Bring your own bag!  It doesn’t do much good to bring the bags, but leave them in the car.  Our t-shirt bags rolll right up & fit easily into your purse or tote.  Plus, they’re made from organic cotton t-shirts (dyed with Carolina/Georgia clay)- so you’re really saving the environment twice!
  2. Carry a water bottle!  I carry and refill my Vapur water bottles everywhere I go (it’s even been to the top of the Eiffle Tower!).  Carry yours to Midway Airport and not only will you save $4 on a single bottle of water, you’ll get to use their completely cool automatic water bottle refill machine (hope to see more of these around soon!).
  3. Choose Organic Skincare!  Anything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body.  Green your daily rountine with our organic soaps and Green Envee organic lotions.  Hand crafted in the US with organic ingredients and pure essential oils.
  4. Light Natural Candles!  The malls are filled with candle companies that are simply toxic.  I want a candle that smells great (naturally) and doesn’t emit lead and toxins into the air.  Our New York beeswax candles and US non-GMO soy candles are the perfect solution.
  5. Avoid artificial colors!  I love candy as much as any kid, but I don’t love fake colors or sugars.  That’s why you’ll always find Yummy Earth lollipops and hard candies in my purse.  Assorted flavors (from real fruit, what a novel idea!) are amazing, or enjoy single flavor bags- Pomegranate or Root Beer.  Yum!

Daily Green Special: Since my sister and I were continually complimented on our t-shirt bags in Austin, you should have one too!  Purchase two t-shirt bags and receive a third for free!  Just write “austin” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free bag to your order.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Tuesday!


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