Following your heart…

Ok, this is the last post about Austin.   Probably.   Every time I go on vacation I feel like I learn something about myself, that’s kind of the point though too, isn’t it?  While it usually takes me a day or so to finally relax, this time my first deep breath came on the flight out- it was a much-needed getaway.  My mom, sister, & I walked (you’re a trooper, mom) every corner of Austin.  Farmer’s markets, food trucks, indie stores, and afternoon cocktails on outdoor patios described our days.  What I realized I had been missing for so long was adventure.

I don’t mean bungying off a bridge or diving out of a plane type of adventure, more so seeing something new. I’ve been so caught up in our daily routine that I forgot about stopping to smell the proverbial roses. Finding new paths. Getting lost. You can stumble upon pretty amazing surprises when you walk 15 blocks in the wrong the direction (sorry, again!).

Embracing adventure doesn’t have to be an extreme event; sometimes it’s just the act of pumping a little extra blood to a corner of your heart that’s been a little dry. Maybe that surge comes from stepping on a football field surrounded by 100,000 seats. Or two-stepping your way across a famous country-bar floor. Or even dancing atop a gritty bar from a favorite movie. 10 minutes to feel alive again. The birthday gift I didn’t know I so desperately needed.

To help remind you to embrace your adventurous side, our upcycled Charlotte antique spoon necklace is fabulous symbol. Take something ordinary and make it amazing.

Daily Green Special: Today only, our Charlotte necklace is on sale. No coupon necessary. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Wednesday.


One response to “Following your heart…

  1. Here’s a toast to getting the perfect birthday present, whatever that may be!! Congratulations.

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