Down and dirty…

This week we had professional landscapers clean up our yard. (sorry…were you expecting “50 Shades” of down and dirty?!).  It had grown a bit out of control, and after feeling, too long, like the Munster’s household, it was time to call in the  big guns. Occasionally when life gets a bit overwhelming, I’ll have a professional cleaner come in and “reset” my house. I feel like it’s a big do over & I quietly vow I’ll clean it top to bottom every week forever…or until next time life gets crazy.

Anyway, that’s how I feel about my yard, it was one big do over. I’ve never been much of a gardener, but now I have plans. BIG PLANS!  While there’s already carrots (somehow) growing in the garden, and the strawberry bushes are full of blossoms, I’m ready to get in the dirt and plant MORE.

I know we aren’t supposed to plant flowers until mid-May: it could still freeze in Chicago in June, but I think I’ll take my chances.  I want colorful flower pots, hanging baskets, a full garden, and a hammock.  Two pots will be devoted to our plantable papers (puzzles, notebooks, and cards) for gorgeous wildflowers.  I can accomplish this in a weekend, right?


I figure I’ll also need a few patio parties since I found a great resale “patio dress” in Texas!    I’m quite certain that after all of this dirty work, I’ll need that margarita.

Daily Green Special:  Big weekend plans for you too?  You’ll love this well-deserved coupon!  Use the coupon code GARDEN and save $6 off your $25 purchase.   Offer valid until Monday’s post.  Happy Weekend!



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