You’re One-of-a-Kind!

I love unique gifts; finding that one-of-a-kind treasure just makes me happy.  Whether it’s jewelry, a bag, or something for my home- I’m drawn to items that are different from the rest.  It’s probably why I love shopping at small businesses and “french markets.”  Aside from the green aspect, it’s also a great way to support independent artists, and celebrate their talents.

Favor the Earth is proud to support such creativity.   Each of these items is hand-made so no two are exactly alike, which also means if you’d like one customized especially for you, you can.  If you’re looking for a personal gift for a mom that stands out from the crowd, check out these great gifts.  If you see one you like, grab it now; while we’ll get more in-stock, there won’t be another exactly like it.

Recycled Fabric Hat Pouch: Finding these hat pouches was an amazing twist of fate.  It was pouring rain and I wanted to try a new local organic cafe.  I kept missing the entrance, in which normally I would have just said “forget it, I’m going home!”  I’m glad I didn’t.  Inside I met the most adorable, enthusiastic, young artist (the epitome of boho chic!) who showed me her fabulous creations.  I LOVE these hat pouches.   Each pouch is created with recycled fabric, and the underside has a zipper to stash your trinkets.  A fun way to carry your lip balm, ID, jewelry, even smaller school supplies!   Watch for more of Caitlin’s fabulous creations to hit our store. Made in Illinois.


Upcycled Vases:  Created in sunny Florida, these repurposed vases and wine bottles are adorned with vintage rhinestones, non-toxic paints, recycled novels/maps, and recycled paper.  Prefer a specific color or pattern?  Contact us to customize your own!

Novel Idea Lamp:  When a free moment exists, does mom have a book in her hand?  This unique bedside, or end table, lamp is just for her. Created with Sue Grafton’s alphabet mystery books. Looking for a favorite author or theme? Let us know & it’ll be made especially for you! Made in Illinois.

Organic Hand-Crocheted Blanket: Need a personal gift for a baby shower? These blankets are the solution. Incredibly soft, and has open loops that babies (and big kids!) love to hold on to. Machine washable too! Prefer a specific color scheme? We can create it for you. Made in Illinois.

Daily Green Special:  Spend $35 on our one-of-a-kind gifts and receive $5 off your order!  Use the coupon code: UNIQUE.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Thursday.


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