Seeing the world

So, yesterday’s post about travelling got me thinking…actually reminiscing. (Many) years ago after my college graduation I backpacked through Europe with my then boyfriend, now husband. It was one of the most amazing, and most difficult, adventures of my life. 8 weeks, 8 countries. Though I wouldn’t want to travel with a gigantic backpack ever again, I’d love to go on another travel adventure.

If you, or someone you know-graduates especially, are embarking on a “world tour” this summer here are some great “must-haves” for the journey.

  • Eco-Gear Panda Backpack:  This “kids” backpack is a travel staple of ours.  It’s the perfect size for toting the days necessities in a manageable bag.  Plus, there’s extra room for souvenirs and leaves hands free for crepes and coffee!

  • Plantable Notepad:  Even though each site is amazingly beautiful, sometimes you can forget what you saw when you review the pictures.  Writing quick notes from each day helps you remember the small details: restaurant names, great store for Czech glasses, hidden gelato shops.  Our plantable notepad can even fit it your pocket, so you can capture your memory right away.
  • Vapur Element:  Lots of walking means lots of water.  I learned from experience, some of those hikes are hours longer than you expected!  Our 1L Vapur Element will keep you hydrated on your extended journeys.
  • Green Envee Organic Lotion:  Embarrassing story made short, got really sunburned in Greece, sent boyfriend to get lotion to ease pain, language barrier resulted in pouring conditioner for permed hair all over my body.  Bring lotion!
  • Facestick Sunscreen:  Wish the above was my only embarrassing travel sunburn story, sadly it’s not.  Don’t under-estimate the sun, especially at higher altitudes.  Wear sunscreen!
  • Recycled Paper Flowers:  Ok, this one isn’t really for the trip, but for afterwards.  Wondering what to do with all of those souvenir maps & brochures you collected along the way?  Don’t stuff them in a drawer, let us turn them into a beautiful keepsake bouquet!

Daily Green Special:  Spend $35 in our “world traveler” finds and receive a free sample bag of our (not even on site yet!) laundry soap nuts.  No liquid mess while traveling!  Offer valid until Monday’s post.  Happy Weekend!


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