Memorial Day Weekend…

Six years ago I remember thinking that my daughter will never be as “grown up” as the huge 5th graders.  Yet, today she is almost my same height,  and it was the last morning I walked my daughter to elementary school.

For the past month my step-father has been by his brother’s side in various hospitals as he prepares for an entirely different transition. They have spent countless hours reminiscing about life as children, teens, and paths as adults.

For me, I see “memory” in Memorial Day: an opportunity to reflect on past moments with those who are still here to share them, and those who are not. There are heroes on the battlefield, and there are everyday heroes.

While this Memorial Day weekend will certainly have its fill of parades and cookouts, it’s also a time to reflect on the servicemen/women who’ve given their lives for our country. Though I’ve had relatives who’ve fought in battles around the world, I know that I am fortunate that they all returned safely home. Too many cannot say the same.

This Memorial Day weekend find a moment to celebrate all of our fallen heroes: military, firemen, fathers, neighbors, friends, and family.

Daily Green Special:  Raise a glass to those you’ve loved and lost.  Give a call or hug to those you love that are still here.  Send a package to a solidier.  Save $10 off your $25 purchase with the coupon code: MOMENTS12.  Offer valid until Tuesday’s post.  Have a safe Memorial Day weekend.


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