Temperature’s Rising…

Yesterday was the first day of summer vacation and my son spent it sick on the couch.  As a kid who NEVER sits down, plays anywhere with anyone, and generally expects others to have the same level of energy, it’s almost eerie to see him lie on the couch and not even ask to play.

Usually when the kids are sick they get one day to completely do nothing and watch tv. By day two, I’ve had enough of tween tv (why do they all have to yell?) and put the cabash on tv for the day. Ever since the kids were small I kept a “sick box” for them: miscellaneous activities, a new book, and a little treat. They enjoyed working on forgotten projects and playing with old toys that seemed new again. But, once they felt better, the box went back in the closet.

Since my son’s been asleep for almost 12 hours, I have a hunch that today will call for our “sick bag.” What’s in ours? It’s loaded up just like our Kids Busy Bag. Not only is this perfect as a “sick bag,” it’s great for car trips, siblings stuck at endless sports tournaments, grandparent’s houses, or even at a favorite aunts. It’s also a great way to keep kids entertained at your favorite childless friend’s house, letting the two of you have a glass of sangria and catch up!

So, what does this all-around entertainment bag include?   A Bynto lunchbox (great for snacks or small-piece toys), recycled cardboard small Calafant kit (markers included), Let’s Go Green activity book, Made by Me Kit, 24-pack Alpino earth-friendly color pencils, Organic 479 Popcorn, and an organic cotton mesh bag with drawstring to hold all of the items together!  Wow, that’s one busy bag!  And it’s on sale today…

Daily Green Special:  Today only, our Kid’s Busy Bag is on sale.  Stock up now for gifts, summer vacations, restaurant activities, or the dreaded sick days.  No coupon necessary, but the sale price is only valid until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Wednesday!


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