Bug Bash…

I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of creepy crawlies.  Bugs outside are perfectly fine, but not in my house…or my car.  Yes, I recently had to pull into an auto shop to have the guys help get a spider out of my car. To my defense, the thing looked like a miniature tarantula that I swear was ready to strike & paralyze me.  It also made me feel better that one of the burly mechanics was too freaked to touch it either!

But, there are people who love bugs- like my best friend’s seven-year old who could have probably told me what type of spider was close to killing me (maybe a slight exaggeration).

That’s why I’m surprised at my unthinkable enthusiasm of wanting to see Brookfield Zoo’s new “Xtreme Bug.”  Bugs as bigger than Volkswagens, bring it on!  I’ll just sidestep the real ones!

If your kid loves everything bug related, here are great favor ideas for their Bug Birthday party.

  • Endangered Species Bug Bites: What kid doesn’t love chocolate?! But these organic chocolate squares come with their own bug trading card! Each square comes with a picture and fact card on some of the most unusual bugs around the planet.
  • Rainforest Banana Paper Notepads:  No trees were harmed in creating these banana paper notepads.  The covers are images of colorful bugs.
  • Made-by-Me Bug Kit:  Made from sustainable Vermont wood, these bug kits make a great favor or party activity.  Kids can decorate their own bug, then attach wheels to race them!
  • Personalized Recycled Cotton Bag:  Personalize a bag for party guests with their name and favorite bug!  The bag can be reused for carrying snacks, toys, or collecting their own creepy crawlies! Also makes a great gift for the birthday kid!
Daily Green Special:  Spend $35 in bug party favors and receive a free bottle of our Natural Bug Spray.  While the bugs are fun to search & observe, we don’t want little ones bit by mosquitos during the party!  Just write “bug me” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free natural bug spray to your order.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Thursday!

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