Pack it up!

Every so often I’m caught off guard when I realize my kids have adopted one of my habits.  My daughter has become an avid list maker: creating her next day’s “to-do” list before bed each night.  And now I’ve noticed they both have particular bags they use for different activities:  son’s grey backpack for the pool, daughter’s pink messenger bag full of activities for attending her brother’s tournaments.

As long as it isn’t full of school books, kids love to carry bags (though I’m right there with them, so I guess adults are included too!).   Help everyone stay organized (and ready for impromptu pool invites) with some of our favorite designated bags.

  • EcoGear Panda Backpack:  This versatile bag is great for little ones to carry their own toys and books or for adults to use on a day trip.  I love carrying it when I know I need more than just necessities, but there isn’t enough room to get stuck holding everyone else’s stuff too! Made with natural cotton, non-toxic dyes, and PVC free. Available in green, blue, and pink.
  • EcoGear Gorilla Messenger Bag:  In our house, this is known as the activity bag.  Great for carrying books, craft projects, stickers, puzzle books.  Made with natural cotton, non-toxic dyes, and PVC free. Available in green, blue, and pink.
  • EcoGear Palila II:  What was once my son’s school backpack has become his sleepover/pool bag.  I swear he has shoved his entire room into this bag!  Made from recycled PET water bottles too, very cool! Available in grey, red, and blue.
  • EcoGear Snow Leopard:  This is the heavy-duty backpack made for heavy carrying.  Easily supports large text books, and even has an optional waist belt for protecting your back when carrying a full pack.  Traveling the world, or to class, this pack will make the trip.  Made from PVC-free materials & has an MP3 player pouch with port.  Available in slate blue, grey, and red.

Daily Green Special: It’s a secret sale (shhh!).  These four packs are on sale, but not listed under the sale page, so you’re the first to know!  No coupon necessary. Offer valid until Monday’s post.  Happy Weekend!


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