Entertaining Siblings…

Baseball season is in full swing (no pun intended!) and our weekends are packed with tournaments.  Packing for double- sometimes triple- headers reminds me of traveling with infants: bring everything except the kitchen sink.  While we’re loaded with coolers, tents, and portable chairs, the siblings too have their share of gear.    Unfortunately every field doesn’t have a park to entertain the brothers and sisters.  While the kids are great about bringing activities, it’s nice to surprise them with special treats for supporting their siblings who receive the cheers.

How do you keep six kids ages 5-10 entertained with one toy?

Calafant Recycled Cardboard Mermaid Kit!  There are plenty of pieces for everyone to add their own coloring expertise.  When each individual piece is colored, they have their own team building fun assembling the cove and mermaids.  Comes with 12 non-toxic markers.  Also available in Pirate Ship.   

Need something for long weekend tournaments?  Try the giant-sized (approx. 2 feet tall!) Robot, Doll house, or Treehouse.

Daily Green Special:  In-stock Mermaid Cove and Pirate Ship on sale for $10!  Purchase one of our Large Calafant Recycled toys (robot, doll house, or tree house) and receive a free Small Calafant Recycled toy.  Just write “fans” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free toy to your order.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Monday!


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