Good news, and bad…

Well, which do you prefer?  Good news first, or bad?  I was always taught that you should say something positive first, so I’m starting with the good news.  If you prefer to end on a positive note, you should probably jump down below the pictures and read this backwards.

Not really backwards, that would be hard…but impressive!

Ok, so…apparently I’m not alone…people love their Goodbyn and Bynto lunch boxes.  They have been in high demand since they began four years ago.  They were sort of like the new kid who moved to town and became football captain and prom king on their first day.  I loved that this small company came from the town next to mine, they had a safe product, and even better…it was the only one I could find that was Made in the US!

But, as often happens with popularity, things change.  In efforts to keep up with high demands and create new Goodbyn products (including their new really cool eco-system), they are now Made on Earth!  Which really means, they are now made in China.  Hooray for them, not so much for Favor the Earth.  While we appreciate that they are using ‘factories with high safety records and working towards sustainable practices,”  it isn’t quite up to our standards.

But…we’re happy that all of our remaining Goodbyn/Bynto in-stock items were Made in the US.  However, once they’re gone,we won’t have more.  So, if you’re looking for a particular color/style, get it now!

If you happen to know about a fabulous lunchbox system that’s made in the US, we’d love to hear about it.

Daily Green Special:  All of our Goodbyn, Bynto, sticker-sets, and ice packs are on sale.  In-stock items only, limited quantities remaining.  Happy Tuesday.


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