Not so Lush(ious) anymore!

Ahh, the power of marketing.  Lately every time I pick up a newspaper or magazine I see Lush soaps mentioned.  With their fancy displays, hip fonts, and scents galore people are dying to try their products.  But a closer look at the ingredients & you may be safer steering clear.

Let’s look at their popular Karma soap.  Their website states “There’s enough Karma fragrance in each bar to perfume your whole body each time you wash…”  Fantastic.  Since their “fragrance (perfume)” is what helps them earn a 5 (moderate health concern rating) from the Safe Cosmetics Organization database.   In fact, the ingredient “fragrance” alone has a rating of 8 (high hazard).

What other beauties lurk in this close to $8 bar of soap?  Of their 23 (!) listed ingredients,  8 ingredients are rated moderate to high health concerns.

Believe me, I’ve had my share of toxic purchases, even (often expensive) cosmetics from Whole Foods.  We’ve probably all been caught up in cool packaging or label claims.  Before trying something new that goes on your skin, check out its Safe Cosmetics rating.  They’ve tested over 74,000 products, chances are, yours is in there.

But you say, c’mon Favor the Earth, isn’t there an easier way?  I don’t want to pull out my computer every time I need a new bar of soap.  Why, yes there is a solution, we’ve done the work for you!  Looking for a bar soap that cleans, moisturizes, and is scented naturally (not synthetically)?  Green Envee Organics bar soaps are your solution.  One of Safe Cosmetics “Champion” companies for great reason: All of their products are in the Green 0-2 “low hazard” category!

In fact, my favorite bar soap of theirs, “Brazilian Orange Sunshine Organic Soap,” lists 6 ingredients- four of which have no identified health concerns. It’s overall rating 0!

It’s not fancy, but then again, nature keeps things the best things pretty simple.

Daily Green Special:  All Green Envee Organics bar soaps are on sale!  No coupon necessary.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Thursday!


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