Um..Gross…but you’re welcome!

We love hearing feedback about our products from customers.  We think our green items are pretty fantastic, and love it when you agree.  Sometimes the emails we receive go a bit beyond “hey, your organic chocolates are awesome!” and have a story to tell.

Some make me a little teary: a woman from New Jersey was thrilled to find gluten-free highlighters for her autistic son with allergies.  He could now use “magic pens” like the rest of his classmates!

  •  a health department in Washington ordered a case of our Friendly Dry-Erase markers because an employee has allergic reactions to their usual markers.
  • countless others are glad to find a non-toxic Natural Bug Spray they don’t worry about spraying on themselves or kids
  • a chef who could finally remove a grease stain from a favorite pair of pants with our Yoreganics Stain Remover.

But… yesterday’s, um compliment (?!), is one I never expected!  A woman called us to explain her fabulous, unexpected use for one of our products she’d bought last month.  After returning from vacation, their dogs made a direct beeline for the basement (not a good sign).  When she and her husband followed, they were hit with an awful stench.  They found the source in the laundry room.

Apparently a chipmunk tried to find solace in their empty house by entering through an exterior furnace vent, but instead, found itself trapped.

Where it died (gross).

While they were able to finally remove it (grosser),  the smell lingered (ugh).  So, how does Favor the Earth fit in?  Since their basement is a main living space, she had to find something to (shall we say…) clear the air.  Sunbeam Beeswax Clove candle to the rescue!  Now they can hang out and watch tv in the basement and it smells like the kitchen instead of decomposed chipmunk (yeah and yuck)!

You’re welcome.  So glad we could help!

Daily Green Special: Because life sometimes takes you by surprise. Stock up this weekend on some favorites, you may need them in unexpected ways! This weekend only, use the coupon code CHIPPY and save $10 off your $25 purchase. Offer valid until Monday’s post.


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