Safe Painting…

When my kids were around 2 and 3, I used to give them a huge poster board, tempera paint, and let them create masterpieces.  Since everything was in the grass, and they usually had on an old t-shirt, I didn’t worry about the paint getting all over the house or their clothes.

I should have been concerned, though, about it getting on their skin.  Turns out tempera paint is another common supply that contains hazardous chemicals.  Lurking in tempera paint pigments and preservatives is tetrachloroethane, which may potentially cause severe liver damage.  Think oil paints are better?  Most of those contain turpentine which if absorbed through the skin is toxic.  Lovely.

Why do fun project have to have such nasty side effects?  They don’t!

We’re pleased to now carry GLOB eco-paints!  Founded by artist Ashley Phelps, and made in the US, these paint pigments are made from fruits, vegetables, spices, and organic extracts.  Not only are they gorgeous colors, they smell fantastic too.   Because they come as powdered pigments, just add water to create as much or as little paint as you need.   Favor the Earth has two fabulous GLOB sets for your sustainable crafting.

Botanical Paint Kit:  Makes a great starter set, or a wonderful gift.  This kit includes everything you need to get your painting project started: 6 color packets*, 6 compostable jars with lids, and 2 bamboo brushes with an aluminum ferrule and cruelty-free bristles, all packaged in a rice paper pouch.  *6 Botanical Colors: Lemon Verbena, Blueberry, pomegranate, Tangerine, Plum Purple, and Basil Green.

Botanical Paint Set:  Already have your brushes, just missing the paint?  This set is for you. Set of 4  1/2 oz. jars of natural, botanical, watercolor pigments: Lemon Verbena, Blueberry, Pomegranate, and Basil Green.  More concentrated (a little goes a really long way!) than the color packets, these watercolors maybe dried and reconstituted.

Daily Green Special:  Purchase a GLOB paint set or paint kit and receive a free mini-banana notepad to create small masterpieces!  Just write “picasso” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free notepad to your order.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Tuesday!


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