Never say never…

I should have known better.

Never is one of those words that comes back to bite you in the butt.  But I said it. I said Favor the Earth would NEVER carry stuffed animals.  Kids have far too many of them as it is.  The last thing my kids needed was another animal.

But that was before I met Barney…and Harvard…and Ernest.  And, when I saw them, I didn’t think about my kids.

Instead, I thought about my friends: friends who were going through divorce, friends and family spending hours at the hospital with sick kids, my step-father spending months as a care-giver.

See, these bears are special.  Each EKL Bearmy bear has been rescued from a thrift store and is rehabilitated (hand-stitched) in the Bearmy O.R (located in Arizona).  Each bear also receives a new eye- for a new outlook on life- and a touching note explaining “even though I have been through many surguries…I am a rescued bear and my have some flaws…please try to love me for my imperfections…I promise I will do the same for you.”   sniff.


Harvard: In need of a friend? Snuggly Harvard is ready for hugs.

Barney:  In need of a strong friend by your side? Bold Barney blazes with courage.

Ernest:  Looking for a friend to help you endure adventures ahead?  Brave Ernest with his Hermès headband is ready for endeavors far and wide.

Just like all of us, these bears are one of a kind.  So, while there will be more ready for adoption soon, there won’t be another Harvard, Barney, or Ernest.

Daily Green Special:  Know someone in need of a little TLC?  Send them a bear all their own.  They receive a needed boost, you get to save $5.  Use the coupon BEAR to save $5 off your EKL Bearmy friend.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Wednesday.


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