Design your escape

I want to run away.

Well, not really run, I’m too tired for that much activity.

And, I don’t want to go too far away because I really like the hot weather. There’s also another baseball tournament this weekend.

So, I guess I want to crawl somewhere close to drink my coffee or sangria (depending if it’s after noon- what? it’s summertime), but feel like I’ve truly escaped far far away.

I want to be here:

Lynne Knowlton’s treehouse.  Even cooler, it’s actually her friend’s old barn that she turned into a treehouse.  Unfortunately, my 10-year-old trees won’t hold a barn, or much of a wood plank for that matter.

So, we need a “home”

Where do you go for an escape?  Somewhere really close, but feels like another world.  Send in your pictures, there just may be a prize involved- or me showing up with an extra cup of coffee!

Daily Green Special:  Spend $75 and receive a free Calafant recycled cardboard treehouse.  It won’t house you, but it will keep the kids occupied for hours, an escape in itself!  Just write “escape” and we’ll add the free treehouse too your order.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Monday.


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