Mini Gift Set…

In my fictional world, I would show my gratitude with a homemade pie, or a piping hot loaf of bread, maybe even a bouquet of flowers freshly cut from my garden.

In reality, I usually forget an ingredient every time I bake, so the pie is more like soup; I don’t have four hours to knead the bread, and between the rabbits and no rain, the flowers aren’t looking so gift-worthy.

So, when you need to say…

  • Thanks for taking my kids when the sitter bailed
  • Sorry you’re having a crappy day, hope this makes you feel better
  • Thanks for not yelling when my son broke your window
  • Thanks for letting my dogs out…again
  • Maybe this will make sitting through your brother’s 5 millionth baseball game more tolerable

Sure, you could give a gift card, but this is WAAAAYYYY COOLER!

Our SpaRitual Mini-Gift Set.

Four stunning Pigment Collection mini-polishes (Camellia, Heliotrope, Clay and Indigo) and an eco-friendly, biodegradable wood pulp straw bag!

Add our SpaRitual Fluent remover and biodegradable nail file and you have a fabulous spa gift still under $30!   Probably less than the ingredients cost to make a pie.

Daily Green Special:  Purchase a Mini-Gift Set and receive a free biodegradable nail file.  Just write “thanks!” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free file to your order.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Thursday.


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