6 must-haves for Independence Day celebrations…

I love Independence Day! Of any holiday, it has the best food, the best weather, and fireworks.  Since the 4th falls midweek this year, I think that calls for week-long celebrations! Whichever day you’re planning to celebrate, here are six must-haves for your backyard cookouts.

  1. Vapur: Especially in this heat, keeping drinks cold is tough.  Fill up (red & blue!) Vapur bottles with your favorite beverage and freeze.  Use as ice-packs until you’re ready to quench your thirst.  Since there are enough colors for everyone, designate one color an adults only lemonade “supplement!”
  2. 3-Wick Limoncello Soy Candle:  Don’t let mosquitos ruin your festivities.  This natural citronella candle burns over 100 hours, so you can celebrate all summer long!
  3. Blue Buddha Bowl:  Forget disposable tableware.  Be green and serve  fruit and treats in our taffy or pacific buddha bowls.
  4. Upcycled Vase:  This flower-burst vase will add excitement to simple flower arrangements.
  5. Organic Popcorn:  Add a tasty twist to a party favorite.  Our 479 Organic Vietnamese Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn is a crowd pleaser for all ages.
  6. Patriotic Nails:  Show your patriotic creativity adorning your nails in red, white, and blue!  Stars and stripes, French tips, or fireworks- show us your favorite designs.
    (life of the party, white light, and twinkle shown)

Daily Green Special:  Spend $50 in Independence Day favorites and we’ll upgrade your shipping to FedEx.  Just write “fireworks” in the checkout notes and we’ll expedite your shipping for you.  Offer valid until Monday’s post.  Happy Weekend!


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