Calgon, take me away…

Today I want to be here…
(I told you Lynne, one day I’m going to end up on your doorstep…um, treestep?)

Instead, I am here…

My kids are making me crazy (and one is even still sleeping!), my IPAD isn’t working right, and I’m just plain crabby.  I blame myself for staying up until 2:30am finishing Jeneration X (Jen Lancaster)- go ahead- try to put it down.

But, I have no tree house to escape to, and no trees that are even big enough yet to hold one.  Really what I want is for my kids to be happily occupied (no electronics included) so I can do….nothing.  Just for an hour.

I’m well aware the there’s laundry to be done, a dishwasher to unload, a tub that needs cleaning, and beds to be made.  I want a “get out of adulthood” card today.  Much like my best friend who’s willing to fake strep throat to get out of going to the gym today.

Maybe it’s the weather, doesn’t know if it wants to be rainy or sunny; hot or pleasantly warm.  I don’t know if I want to be Julie McCoy, fun entertaining mom, or just a touch of mommie dearest- leave me alone!

Feeling the same?  Time to pull out the big guns… Little Play Spaces French Cafe.

The kids will be entertained for hours decorating their Parisan cafe, creating the  menu du jour, and brewing up lattes for willing customers.  Beacause the whole cafe easily folds up at closing time, for a few hours you can feel transported to Paris!

Daily Green Special:  Purchase the Little Play Spaces French Cafe and receive a free Relaxation soy candle tumbler.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Tuesday!


2 responses to “Calgon, take me away…

  1. The treehouse awaits you…with a hot cup of tea….some yummy snacks….NO KIDS IN SIGHT….only the sounds of the birds (and the occasional bastard squirrel) LOL….I hope you took your mind there today. Until then, the wee Paris cafe is looking pretty tempting. Does it come with french pastries ?! *_*.
    Big hugs!

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