Too cool for school…

I’m a total sucker for back to school supplies.  Never mind that I haven’t been in a classroom in…well, a lot of years.  Something about a new spiral, freshly sharpened pencils, and unwrinkled folders just says fresh new start.

Throughout the school year we replenish with last years remaining supplies, but ah, that first day, it’s a new beginning.

Every kid has a list of necessary supplies.  Just because they’re required doesn’t mean they can’t be cool…and green!  These incredible supplies deserve an A+!

Recycled Tire Pencils: They meet the #2 requirement, but instead of destroyed trees, these pencils are made from recycled tires!  Made in the US, these tires bypass the landfill and are given new life at your desk.

Mood Pens:  Feeling blue?  Or pink, yellow or orange?  These recycled stick pens are mood changing!  Made in the US from 30% post consumer waste.  Green changes to Yellow, Blue to Light Blue, Coral to Melon, Orange to Yellow, and Purple to Pink.  Ink is blue in all pens.

Redi-Tag Recycled Notes:  Sure, we’re all familiar with the other sticky notepads,  but these are 100% recycled (80% PCW).  And, since they use non-solvent, water-based adhesives, they’re also recyclable.  100 sheets per 3×3 pad.  Available in green, pink, yellow, or blue.

Recycled Eraser Stick:  Still one of our top sellers because they’re that awesome! It looks like a pencil.  Sharpens like a pencil.  But, it’s actually a 100% recycled eraser!  Even changes color as you sharpen.

Upcycled Supply Pouch:  Forget the PVC-laden pencil box and carry your supplies in style!  These upcycled bags are made from recycled, and durable, hockey gear.  You can even customize with favorite team or school colors.  Available in three sizes: Mini-Me, Catch-All, or Personal Tote.    

Zipper Hat Pouch:  What about all of the other necessities that aren’t on the school list?  Since every outfit doesn’t have pockets, where can you hold lip balm, student ID, locker combination, and a couple bucks?  Our Hat Pouch! Easily clips to a backpack, or hangs in your locker.   This adorable accessory is stylish & functional!  Made in the US from recycled fabrics.

Daily Green Special:  Every student needs to stay hydrated.  Spend $75 and receive a free Vapur .5L water bottle!  Just write “cool school” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free water bottle to your order.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Thursday!


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