I’ve heard it said that you should do one thing a day that scares you.

That’s a pretty broad idea.  Does it mean jumping out of a plane, going to an audition, tackling the needed to be cleaned weeks ago bathroom, or just finding a new way to handle what life throws at you?

It’s Friday the 13th, isn’t that scary enough?

I’ve realized, lately, that I’m scared of an awful lot.  Obviously anything happening to my kids is #1.   Also topping the list: walk out basements, the woods at night, scary movies, Halloween, and, newly added, roller coasters.  I’m fine with the “old school’ type, it’s the insane new ones that leave me a queasy just watching.  While my daughter looks longingly at a roller coaster where you’re dangling to the side of the track,  my reaction is um…no.  I’m avoiding a trip to Great America (for more reasons than one!), mostly so I won’t be faced with having to ride XFlight.

When did this happen?

Since we aren’t heading to an amusement park today, I guess I have to find a new fear to face.

It’s difficult to say “this is what I’m afraid of, and I’m going to face it head on.”  Unless there’s a million dollar prize at the end, most of us aren’t jumping at the chance to face a new found fear of heights.

But what about on a personal level?  The step that finally allows us to say “Hey world, I created this.” Whether it’s writing, painting, cooking, or our own company.  Ignoring the inner (and often outside) judges so we can shout “I created this… and I’m proud of it.”

I believe that it’s in facing those fears, that we find our true strength.

What are you going to do that scares you?


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