Your personal sale!

You know how sometimes you see a shirt (or dress, or shoes…) that you absolutely LOVE and would totally buy, if it were just on sale.  Yeah, me to0!

Well, today is your day!

Think of today as your personal sale day.  While we have tons of fabulous items already lining our sale page (click on the product to see the super sale price), maybe the one you’ve had your eye on isn’t there.


Here’s your chance to score a great deal!

Leave us a comment telling us which green product you’d like to save a bit of green on, and we’ll mark it down for you! Maybe it’s a treat for yourself, perhaps it’s a gift, or even a little “thinking of you” for someone who needs a pick me up.

Here’s the catch (don’t worry, it’s a small one), the sale price will only be available until tomorrow’s post. So, scoop up the deal quick before it’s gone!

Daily Green Special:  Name your own sale!  Leave a reply here, and tell us which product you’d like to buy on sale today.  We’ll let you know as soon as your discount is listed.  Sale price is valid only until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Wednesday!


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