Going for the Gold!


As a kid there was nothing I wanted more than to be an Olympic gymnast;  I even had a mini-balance beam in my room.   Even though I never reached Elite status, I did spend a week with Bela Karolyi!

My Olympic dream hasn’t died, but my flipping days are over.  Thank goodness…the tricks these girls are throwing are unreal.  Fulls on beam, c’mon!

Congratulations to the US women’s gymnasts for their team gold!

Even though you may not have your own gold medal, we can help bring a little gold to you!

Check out these 6 golden goods!

  1. Enlightened Soul:  Big 3 (DBP, toluene, & formaldehyde) free and vegan, make this a winning polish in our book!
  2. Golden Gleam:  prefer your gold with a little sparkle?  This one’s for you.
  3. Beeswax Candles: New York regional beeswax from a solar-powered ! Beeswax naturally detoxes surrounding area.  Available in aromatherapy pillars or natural cube.
  4. Buttercream Buddha Bowl:  More like a soft gold, this mug/bowl is perfect for snacking while cheering on your favorite athletes.
  5. Ella-E Vintage earrings:  Add a little golden bling with these gorgeous handmade earrings sparkling with vintage 1940’s and 50’s stones.
  6. Ernest:  Ready for an adventure, or a snuggle, Ernest is there for you.  A rescued friend…what a champ!

Daily Green Special:  Spend $50 in “golden goods” and receive a free bar of Green Envee soap (a Safe Cosmetics “Champion” company!).  Just write “go for the gold” in the check out notes and we’ll add the free bar to your order.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Thursday!


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