What should I do first?!

I love my kids dearly.  We’ve had a great summer hanging out: fishing, going to the pool, mini-golfing, go-karting.  We’ve even hit the farmers markets, been tubing on the  lake,  and to upteen baseball games.

It’s been a busy and fast summer.  And, my kids and I have hung out together all the time.  I mean ALL OF THE TIME.

Summer is like a flashback to their toddler years: where the bathroom is your only refuge, or not.

Yesterday as we left the pool with some friends, I said maybe we’d come back next Thursday.  They agreed that was a great idea…until they realized they go back to school that day.

Then I received the horrified looks- you’d really come back here without us?! Though I really hadn’t thought about it, now that I do, it sounds like a fabulous idea!

Pool or not, here are five things I am doing once the kids go back to school.

Farmer’s Market: granted I love that my kids are just as thrilled about fresh fruits and vegetables as I am… but it’s the Czech bakery stand that I want to hit alone. Yes, I want to indulge in my favorite treat without having to share! (bring your upcycled t-shirt bag to carry your goods!)

Pedicure:  The chlorine and baseball fields have destroyed my start of summer pretty feet.  A few minutes to sit back and let someone else take care of me sounds fantastic! (you’re sure to find a favorite color with this SpaRitual mini four-pack set)

Happiness Candle: I love lighting my favorite citrus scented candle when I work. But, since we’re constantly on the go all summer, I don’t want to forget and leave with it burning. Ah…back to a bit of routine! (100% US pure soy candles with essential oils…fabulous!)

Leisurely Shower: I don’t take long showers (water conservation and all). But I don’t like to rush either. And, I want the water scalding hot (I know, not so green, but at least it’s a short shower!). I also want time to enjoy my Blissful Botanica lemongrass bar soap followed by my Green Envee Lemongrass lotion.  Don’t like bar soaps in your shower? Try our natural cotton soap bag– hangs so you don’t get soap gunk!  Ahhh…pure bliss!

Long walk: Apparently our summer vacation was my dog’s favorite part of the summer, she looked for her sitter everyday for a week afterwards. I guess our 20 minute walks didn’t please her as much as the 90 minute ones Sarah took her on. So, I’m filling up my Vapur Element bottle & hitting the trails with a friend (and our pups) to catch up and get a little extra exercise.

What are you looking forward to doing?!

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