Care packages for your collegiate!

As some parents are tearfully watching their little ones start kindergarten, others at braving college size goodbyes.

Those bitter-sweet days when kids are thrilled to gain more independence, but learn that parents actually knew what they were talking about all along!

Remembering (way back!) my college days, some of the best ones where those when care packages arrived.  Sure, pizza delivered at 3 am was fantastic, but it still didn’t beat receiving mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies!

Looking for ideas to send their way?  Here are five great care package additions any collegiate will love… 

  1. Yoreganics Soap Nuts: No need to lug huge bottles of detergent to the laundry floor (or home for the weekend!), just toss a bag of soap nuts into the wash machine and you’re ready to go. No measuring necessary! Available in 5 load trial size or 80 load big bag.
  2. Green Envee Body Wash:  A wet soap bar isn’t fun to transport, but most body washes are full of nasty chemicals.  Not ours!  Organic ingredients & pure essential oils. You can still look out for their well-being, even across the miles.
  3. Baby Buddha Bowl:  Space is definitely limited in dorm rooms, so multipurpose items are a must!  Use this buddha bowl for cereal, soup, coffee, or even organizing desk accessories.
  4. Organic Chocolate Set:  What’s college without late night snacking?  These organic chocolate bars are perfect size for curbing chocolate cravings, or a quick snack between classes.  With six bars & four varieties there’s enough to score bonus points sharing with roommates!
  5. Mani/Pedi SpaRitual Set:  Students need a little pampering too!  This mini-laquer set comes with four great colors to last all semester.  The biodegradable wood pulp straw bag can be used to hold manicure necessities or as a pencil-case in their backpacks.

Daily Green Special:  Let us deliver your care package for you!  Send the package directly to your college student and we’ll upgrade shipping to FedEx!  Just write “go IU” in the checkout notes and we’ll upgrade the shipping for free.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Monday!


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