Tragic News…


Since day one, Eco Lips has been a Favor the Earth staple.  We quickly fell for their amazing lip balm, and continued adding products over the years.

What sets Eco-Lips apart is their extreme commitment to the earth, our well-being, and that they’re made so close to home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  What began as small kitchen batches of balms for friends, turned into a leading company in the Natural Products Industry.

Sadly, their CEO, Mark T. Patterson, died Saturday at 34 years old from an aortic aneurysm.   In addition to the grief felt by the Eco Lips family, are his wife, Sarah, seven-year old twins, and 4 year-old daughter.

Through August 31, 20% of all Eco Lips sales will go to a fund supporting Mark’s family.  Take this time to stock up on lip balms and Facesticks, and in return give a little back to a company

As stated by Eco-Lips co-founder and president, when you buy from Eco-Lips “You are making a BIG difference to a SMALL business rather than a SMALL difference to a BIG corporation…your support of Eco Lips makes a huge difference not only to your friends at Eco Lips but to the World in which we live.”

Daily Green Special:  Through August 31, 2012, 20% of all Eco Lips sales will be donated to Mark T. Patterson’s family care fund.


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