Shhh…It’s a secret

I’m not very good at keeping secrets.

It’s sort of like when I’m trying to be really quiet and end up making triple the amount of noise.

If I know something exciting, I want to tell everyone.

That’s why today’s post is short!

All I’ll say is this…Favor the Earth has some incredible new products coming soon!

Gorgeous green goods (say that three times fast!) for you, the kids, the house.  For friends, for gifts…yep, something for everyone.

But, I’m not going to tell just yet.

Just for the suspense, you get a special weekend coupon! Inventory is a’changing, and getting low, so if you’ve had your eye on something, here’s a secret coupon for you to use now!

Disappointed that I’m not spilling the beans? Here’s an unrelated semi-secret…I have three weeks to finish training (read: start training) for a 5k + obsticles mud run. Any advice is welcome!

Daily Green Special: Catch a secret deal this weekend with the coupon SECRET. Save $6 off your $25 purchase. Offer valid until Monday’s post. Happy weekend!


One response to “Shhh…It’s a secret

  1. Can’t wait to see the new products! Oh…do the obstacles not the running 🙂 your small enough to launch over any wall. Sad to miss it. Good Luck.

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